Environmental Responsibility

TFI International’s environmental management system ensures quality of life in the community and the protection of the environment across all aspects of its operations. Our environmental policy is designed to:

  • Meet or exceed existing environmental laws and regulations.
  • Reduce air emissions and energy consumption.
  • Strive for continuous improvement of our management system.
  • Promote the efficient use of resources through efforts such as recycling, and the development of innovative methods and materials that reduce environmental impact.
  • Clearly communicate our environmental policy to all employees and facilitate the incorporation of green initiatives in all their activities. 
  • Conduct internal audits to assess environmental performance and take prompt corrective action when necessary. 

Security First

TFI International is dedicated to continuously improving safe work practices. We strive to avert risks, which can arise from shipping and logistics processes. TFI International engages in measures to achieve secure working conditions for its employees and actively promotes a culture of health and safety for all stakeholders, consistently driven by a mindset of awareness and prevention.

We ensure our subsidiaries concretely show the upmost respect for the safety of our employees, the motoring public and road infrastructure.

We invest in our people with coaching, education, training, setting best practices and comprehensive safety programs without losing the focus on the evolution of the industry and the technology.

We invest in our assets from the initial decision to purchase to setting and rigorously following preventive maintenance programs in line with the various laws and regulations.

TFI International is committed to ensure that its operational divisions meet or exceed health, safety and compliance work conditions and regulations through ongoing site inspections and regular corporate audits.