Environmental Responsibility

TFI International is conscious of its responsibility to serve its customers and enhance shareholder value while ensuring quality of life in the communities it serves and protecting the environment across all of its operations. TFI International consistently endeavours to clearly communicate its environmental policy to all employees and facilitate the incorporation of green initiatives in all their activities.

To this end, the Company regularly undertakes the following initiatives to:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint through the purchase and use of the latest technologies available in the marketplace.
  • Ensure that our fleet is equipped with the latest in fuel economy, safety and aerodynamics, allowing vehicles to operate more efficiency. Most new equipment is ordered with Eco Options and/or Green House Gas (GHG) emission lowering options which can result in potential fuel savings of 7.5% over previous equipment designs.
  • Maximize energy conservation. In 2017 we initiated an intense review in our terminals of our lighting systems. Case studies are prepared once each site has been audited and we have been converting / upgrading to T5’s or LED type lighting where applicable.
  • Reduce energy consumption on heating and cooling by installing electronic or programmable thermostats, clean systems and conduct annual inspections for better performance.  
  • Ensure safe and environmentally clean sites through audits by our own team and 3rd party environmental specialists and undertake needed actions which meet or exceed governmental standards.
  • Remove in-ground fuel and diesel tanks across the network in North America to eliminate the potential risk of environmental contamination.
  • Install, when appropriate, new above ground fuel tanks with the latest engineering construction standards to ensure maximum safety for the operator and protect the environment from potential spills.
  • Equip sites with recycling and waste services.

Security First

TFI International is dedicated to continuously improving safe work practices. We strive to avert risks, which can arise from shipping and logistics processes. TFI International engages in measures to achieve secure working conditions for its employees and actively promotes a culture of health and safety for all stakeholders, consistently driven by a mindset of awareness and prevention.

We strive to ensure our subsidiaries concretely show the upmost respect for the safety of our employees, the motoring public and road infrastructure.

TFI considers the latest in Safety and Collision/Rollover avoidance when purchasing new equipment. The majority of new rolling stock purchased is equipped with the latest technologies such as automated transmissions, collision avoidance and enhanced stability technologies.

We invest in our people with coaching, education, training, setting best practices and comprehensive safety programs without losing the focus on the evolution of the industry and the technology.

We invest in our assets from the initial decision to purchase to setting and following preventive maintenance programs in line with the various laws and regulations.

TFI International is committed to ensure that its operational divisions meet or exceed health, safety and compliance work conditions and regulations through ongoing site inspections and regular corporate audits.