Supplier Code of Conduct

This document outlines the standards expected by TFI International regarding business practices, ethics, and environmental responsibility. We require our suppliers to comply with these requirements and promote them, in order to create a safe and respectful work environment.

Accessibility Plan Canada

This document outlines TFI International’s plan to identify and eliminate barriers that people with disabilities face. The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) requires that federally regulated Companies prepare and publish their accessibility plans. This plan was prepared for TFI International and its applicable subsidiaries with the intent to review and update it annually.

US Benefits Transparency in Coverage

This machine readable file is to disclose as per the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule and Texas House Bill 2090, the negotiated rates with in-network providers and the historic allowed amounts paid to out-of-network providers, for all health plans available to employers.

TFI Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to reaffirm TFI International Inc.’s compliance with applicable domestic and foreign anti-corruption legislation where it conducts business, and TFI’s commitment in that regards, by establishing rules and providing guidance intended to prevent corruption and bribery from occurring in its activities and applies to all of our directors, officers, employees, contractors and agents.

Constating Documents

Included in download:
– Articles of incorporation
– Articles of amendment
– By-laws

Child Labour and Forced Labour Policy

This Policy is based on TFI International Inc.’s commitment to find practical, meaningful and appropriate responses to support the prevention and effective elimination of child labour and forced labour practices, in accordance with the principles set forth by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and by the Canada Labor Code and similar legislations in force in each of the provinces of Canada.

Social Media Policy

The use of social media is increasingly prevalent in daily communications and has a rapid, far-reaching effect. The TFI International Social Media Policy serves as a guide to employees and to those doing business with TFI International, to ensure all fully understand the implications of using this interactive technology platform. Those who work for or represent TFI International are expected to adhere to this policy.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics details the standards of behavior that we require of our employees and partners. These guiding principles help employees make decisions consistent with our mission and leadership attributes. All TFI International Inc.’s employees and Board members are expected to adhere to this Code.

Disclosure Policy

Our Disclosure Policy contains various rules and guidelines to ensure that communications to the investment community, the general public and the media are timely, accurate and broadly disseminated in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.