Dedicated to Success.

Our People

The key to our leadership position in the North American market is our culture of excellence. We have a team of dedicated transportation and logistics experts, operators and executives with a strong work ethic. Everyone is equally committed to delivering world class service and growing our businesses in a cost-conscious manner.



Alain Bedard, FCPA, FCA

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

David Saperstein, MBA, BA

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Auger, ENG., MBA

Vice-President, Information Technology

Norman Brazeau

Vice-President, Real Estate

Daniel Chevalier, CPA, CMA

Vice-President, Finance, Operational Reporting

Patrick Croteau, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance & Control

Johanne Dean

Vice-President, Marketing & Communications

Sylvain Desaulniers, CIRC

Vice-President, Human Resources

Josiane M. Langlois, LL.M.

Vice-President, Legal Affairs & Corporate Secretary

Chantal Martel, LL.B.

Vice-President, Insurance & Compliance

Bill Preece

Vice-President, Environment

Martin Quesnel, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance

Ken Tourangeau, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Tax

Kal Atwal, CPA, CMA

Executive Vice-President

Steven A. Brookshaw, CPA, CMA

Executive Vice-President

Louis Gagnon

Executive Vice-President

Rick Hashie

Executive Vice-President

Paul Hoelting

President-TForce Freight

Brian Kohut

Executive Vice-President

Bob McGonigal

Executive Vice-President

Greg Orr

Executive Vice-President

Eric Anson

President - Transport America

Kristen Fess

Vice-President - Contrans Flatbed Group

Ray Fillion

Vice-President, Bulk Division - Laidlaw Carriers Bulk

Larry Fuaco

President - TForce Integrated Solutions

David Gatti

Vice-President, Business Development - TFI International

Thomas Griffin

President – TForce Worldwide

Wayne Gruszka

President - TST-CF Express and TST Expedited

Cameron Holzer, MBA

Senior Vice-President, Operations - TFI International

Michael Hover

President – Quik X Transportation

Dan Leslie

Vice-President and General Manager - TForce Logistics Canada and AC Logistics Canada

Scott Leveridge

President - TForce Logistics U.S.

James McKay

President - Loomis Express

Justin Paul

Vice-President and General Manager - TF Energy Solutions group of companies

Daniel Roberts

Vice-President - Contrans Tank Group

Junior Roy

President – JCG Group

Kevin Tait

Vice-President and General Manager - Clarke Transport

Scott Talbot

Senior Vice-President, Operations

Christopher Traikos

President - Vitran

Ping Yan, MBA

Senior Vice-President, Operations - TFI International

Alain Bédard, FCPA, FCA

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

André Bérard

Corporate Director and Lead Director

Leslie Abi-Karam

Independent Advisor and Corporate Director

Lucien Bouchard

Partner, Davies Ward Phillips and Vineberg LLP

William T. England

Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Diane Giard

Corporate Director

Richard Guay

Consultant and Corporate Director

Debra Kelly-Ennis

Corporate Director

Neil Donald Manning

Corporate Director

Joey Saputo

Corporate Director

Rosemary Turner

Corporate Director