Dedicated to Success.

Our People

The key to our leadership position in the North American market is our culture of excellence. We have a team of dedicated transportation and logistics experts, operators and executives with a strong work ethic. Everyone is equally committed to delivering world class service and growing our businesses in a cost-conscious manner.



Alain Bedard, FCPA, FCA

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

David Saperstein, MBA, BA

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Auger, ENG., MBA

Vice-President, Information Technology

Daniel Chevalier, CPA, CMA

Vice-President, Finance, Operational Reporting

Patrick Croteau, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance & Control

Johanne Dean

Vice-President, Marketing & Communications

Sylvain Desaulniers, CIRC

Vice-President, Human Resources

Josiane M. Langlois, LL.M.

Vice-President, Legal Affairs & Corporate Secretary

Chantal Martel, LL.B.

Vice-President, Insurance & Compliance

Martin Quesnel, CPA, CA

Vice-President, Finance

Kal Atwal, CPA, CMA

Executive Vice-President

Steven A. Brookshaw, CPA, CMA

Executive Vice-President

Louis Gagnon

Executive Vice-President

Rick Hashie

Executive Vice-President

Brian Kohut

Executive Vice-President

Bob McGonigal

Executive Vice-President

Greg Orr

Executive Vice-President

Ken Tourangeau, CPA, CA

Executive Vice-President

Eric Anson

President, Transport America

Kristen Fess

Vice-President, Contrans Flatbed Group

Jean-Claude Germain

President, J.C. Germain group of companies

Wayne Gruszka

President, TST Overland Express and TST Expedited

Michael Hover

Vice-President and General Manager, TForce Integrated Solutions

Scott Leveridge

President, TForce Final Mile U.S.

Lori McCreight, CPA, CA

President, Quik X Transportation

James McKay

President, Loomis Express

Justin Paul

Vice-President and General Manager, TF Energy Solutions group of companies

Daniel Roberts

Vice-President, Contrans Tank Group

Scott Talbot

Senior Vice-President Bulk Operations

Christopher Traikos

President, Vitran

Alain Bédard, FCPA, FCA

Chairman of the Board, President and CEO

André Bérard

Corporate Director and Lead Director

Leslie Abi-Karam

Independent Advisor and Corporate Director

Lucien Bouchard

Partner, Davies Ward Phillips and Vineberg LLP

Diane Giard

Corporate Director

Richard Guay

Consultant and Corporate Director

Debra Kelly-Ennis

Corporate Director

Neil Donald Manning

Corporate Director

Arun Nayar

Corporate Director

Joey Saputo

Corporate Director